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July 6, 2010


Picnics, parades and fireworks are done. Before the spirit of 1776 fades from view, take one more glance at America’s historic pre-word-document parchment.

The foundation of freedom was written down on that parchment … yes, let me repeat that … WRITTEN DOWN in the Declaration of Independence. Take a look at that last word closely. At the very heart of independence is a PEN. A pen which inked 1320 words of freedom. Carefully crafted by its designated author (Thomas Jefferson). Revised by its editors (Benjamin Franklin and John Adams). Meticulously scrutinized – and ultimately approved – by the Continental Congress.

Never underestimate the importance of choosing the right writer. Whether it’s from a founding father’s quill pen, a copywriter’s keyboard or a blogger’s post, the power of the written word can hearten hearts … motivate minds … and, every so often, it can flat out change the world …

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